Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Excitement fills the air. It's Christmas Eve!
We went to the candlelight service at church on the eve of Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve proper, we made some leftover cardboard gingerbread houses from Lulu's class party...

 ...had tamales for dinner...
 ...and decorated cookies for St. Nick.
 Rudolph got his carrots.
 And lights were out early, though the munchkins sneaked downstairs, Gryffin announcing they thought we wrapped all the gifts, not Santa (as he caught us, indeed, wrapping all the gifts).
I avoided the conversation with the finesse of a masterful politician.
(Just give me one more year of magic!)
 But the empty manger on the stairs remains a tradition that will carry on, awaiting the true meaning of Christmas: the arrival of the Christ Child on Christmas day in the morning.

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