Sunday, August 22, 2010

At the Zoo

Lorelei treated us to the Kansas City Zoo with $100 Daddy Dollars (and KC Parent footed the bill--my sweet editor gave us free passes--thanks KC Parent)! Our little monkeys felt right at home!
It's our first visit to the KC Zoo. We've only before been to the Topeka and Minneapolis Zoos, so we were on an adventure safari!
I never knew I was so short!
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo... Here we come, All aboard, Let's ride on the Zoo Train! (We sang this Signing Time song on the train ride.)
Entering the Outback...
Lorelei and Gryffin know all their animal signs. Here's Lorelei doing the sign for kangaroo. Can you spot Roo?
Here he is!
Exploring an abandoned vehicle in the Outback.
Alice the camel had one hump.
We took a trek to Africa. It was a LONG ways away from Australia, naturally. Good thing we brought our wagon along for the ride!
Hot day. More walking.
We trekked over half a mile for this jolly little fellow. Hello, Hippo!

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