Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gryffin & Mommy's Date

Mark and I love special one-on-ones with our kids. While Grammy had a day of shopping with Lorelei, I asked Gryffy where he wanted to go. "Dino Place!" he said (of course)! So off we went to the Legends T-Rex Cafe, just the two of us.
 My boy loved his dino bone Icee. He finished the whole thing! We sat by the fish tank, and he kept exclaiming "Dory!" and "Nemo!" We had a little conversation, mostly Mommy asking questions with "yeah" responses, and an occasional long monologue from the Gryffster which I tried my best to understand. I just kept telling him how much I love being his Mommy and how he is my superhero--my Buzz Lightyear, my Superman, my Batman, my Cap'n Gryffin John.  He's such a gift!
 Here's the Mr. Gryff, showing off his balance in the parking lot. This boy steals my heart. I love love love him!

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