Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Watching You Sleep

My heart just gushes over at our two kids. Tonight I sneaked into Gryffin's room and just stared at our two snuggly sleepers. I don't even have the words for the joy and love they inspire in me. This is the purest love.
Lorelei, you've been gifted by a nurturing spirit of compassion, mingled with a lot of spunk! You are enormously protective of little brother, and bring so much love to him and everyone else around you. You're a Daddy's girl, but we have our own very special Mommy-daughter bond.  I call you my Mini-Me, because we are alike in so many ways, and yet you are always true to yourself--you dazzle us all with your fun laughter, flair for fashion, and love of all critters. And already, you have such a spirit for God and love to pray as a family. I tell you all the time--You're a girl after Mama's heart!
Gryffin, you're all boy, and all joy. Your smile is like sunbeams, instantly warming my heart. You still can't pronounce too much, but sure love to talk, and give it your best shot--this makes me very proud! You also love to show off and dance around in circles. You've never learned how to walk--you either strut, or trot, or go at it full run. And when you get hurt, you insist that Daddy "demonstrates" and laugh your heart out when he reenacts your fall. You are passionate about your feelings and exude confidence. And I especially love your curls and kisses, my sweet baby boy.
I pray over both of you each day, and reaffirm that God has great plans for your lives. And everyday I ask you this question: "What are we?" And you both respond, "We're Family!" I want you to always know that we belong together, sharing life in a spirit of God's unconditional love for each other. 

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