Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mark's in Parenting Magazine

I'm so proud of my hard-working, family-focused, brilliant husband, and I'm gonna brag on him. He's been getting a lot of press for his research on pediatric headache--Reuters, Woman's World Magazine, TV news interviews, Children's Mercy's publications, and on and on.  Here's a write up from "Parenting: School Years" Magazine.  Even my own editor from KC Parent saw it, and e-mailed to congratulate him.  He deserves the recognition for all he does, daily, to help kids in pain.  Go Hubsley!

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  1. Very cool Wendy! I just read that magazine ironically and didn't notice the article. Now I have to fish it out of my garbage to show Ben!!! Well, it might be at the curb tonight- darn. Anyway, so cool to see you guys both working hard! and your top blog about your sleeping kids is beautiful and very well written. I love that you love your kids so much and we feel the same way about Tyler- an amazing LOVE!