Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy Daughter Girls' Night

Tonight Lorelei's friend from 3 months old, Savannah Blake, invited her out for a Mommy/Daughter girls' night out with cupcakes. But when we arrived at the cupcake shop, they were all out! What's a girl to do? Plenty!
This was by the fountains Lorelei loves to splash in.
Here are the girls, dejected after the cupcake shop neglected to bake up a batch for their party (despite reservations--ugh)! They're peering longingly into the salon window next door...
But there's a turn-around coming--we decide that pedicures are even better than cupcakes! Mommy negotiates a bargain: $5 each, which equals 50 cents a toe!
Entering the salon. Lorelei loves pedis!
And lollipops to boot! Yum.
Savannah hops into L's chair--pedis are more fun in pairs!
Tippy toes.
Beautiful girls. They're so posh.
They both picked shades of purple.
Girls just wanna have fun, and we are!
Hannah, one of L's best friends too, is eagerly anticipating her pedi in pinkalicious pepto pink!
That tickles!
Ooh la-la! They even added gems and flowers!
Next, we trot past the fountains toward the gelateria.
Lorelei, Hannah, and Abby in feathers.
Lorelei gobbles black cherry and lavender swirl gelato.
Then it's off to the courtyard for tag games, gymnastics in the grass, and lounging in oversized Adirondacks.
Savvy and Lorelei, with Abby looking on from the yellow chair.
We spend the rest of the gorgeous evening outdoors, splashing for an hour in the fountains, pretending to be water spouts, and enjoying the company of posh princesses and Mommy's good friends, Brenda and Julie. The girls are soaked from feather to polished toe!

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