Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping IN

Tonight, we pitched our tent in the land of home.
 We had planned to camp out in the backyard (I know, we really rough it around here), but since the weather was hot, and thunderstorms likely, we made Camp Connelly our campgrounds.
 Daddy still put some chicken on the BBQ for dinner.
 For dessert, we roasted s'mores over the stove top.
 We like them crusty and burnt--our whole house smelled like a campground after a few of these!
 We want s'more, please!
 We spent our tent time doing some summer reading of Berenstain Bears and other books the kids picked out from upstairs.
 Then the kids played Kung Fu Farting Panda on the I-pad. It mimics their voices like a chipmunk, gets pooed on by a bird, belches, and generally wreaks all other havoc of filth. It's a huge hit!
 Daddy set the alarm clock and put on wave music to lull the kids to a peaceful slumber. As the kids fell asleep, I sneaked upstairs to blog and watch Under the Tuscan Sun, since a friend of mine just dropped it by. I love this movie! (Shh, don't tell the kids. I'll be downstairs when they wake up in the morning! It's our small tent, so it only sleeps them. Daddy's on the couch.)
 Two happy campers.

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