Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tennis, Reading & the Space Shuttle

 Lorelei is taking tennis lessons through BVrec. Wow, am I ever impressed with her teachers. The kids were constantly engaged and learning skills in game-like ways. "You find the fun and SNAP! the job's a game!"
Here's Coach Jeff, posing for the camera.
 Gryffy was eager to play, too. Luckily, we brought along his raquet and balls, and followed along with all their exercises. He seriously loves tennis.
 I couldn't believe she was already hitting the ball her first lesson.
 Even though it was a big class, the teachers gave each kid some one-on-one pointers, so it felt small. They practiced hitting over the net and running a lap around the court, moving the ball around the rim of the raquet, dribbling the ball with and bouncing the ball off the raquet, and catching the ball with their "lobster claws."
 Gryffy's having a ball.
Love that boy's smile.
 On Friday, Grammy Great came over with Daphne and Cousin Kai. Lorelei read her a story. Even though she's read the book to me before, she decided to go off-script, and made up parts of it in an original re-telling. This is so good for reading comprehension and writing skills.
 Little Brother had a story to tell, too.
 And we watched in awe at the Shuttle Atlantis made its last blast off into outer space. I'm still downright amazed that we can thrust ourselves into the heavens.
When I lived in Florida, at around the age of twelve, my dad took me to Cape Canaveral to watch a space shuttle launch from the beach. I still remember hearing the sonic booms in the early mornings, all the way from Orlando, when the shuttle would breach the atmosphere at super-sonic speed. Earth-shattering, mind-blasting stuff, space exploration.  I'm so glad I got to share those moments with my dad, and that I got to share this moment with my two kids.

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