Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mark's Band @ Park Place

Mark's band is really impressive: they've been rated the #1 band in Kansas City for many years running  (hey, I can brag--it's MY blog). But they usually only play for really upscale private events, which means we never get to see them... until tonight!
 Park Place in Leawood shut down its street for the K.C. All Stars block party with free face painting, balloon-making, bouncing fun. BPop, Grammy and Meg came, too. Gryffy's on BPop's shoulders, waiting for his face to be painted.
 The kids with their Grammy.
 This guy's incredible. He made Lorelei the pink bunny she'd requested, and Gryffin a Spiderman.
 The weather was stifling hot, so the kids spent lots of time splashing in the fountains while the grown-ups held their places in line.

 Lorelei wanted to be a cheetah.
 To go with his balloon, Gryffy chose Spiderman again.
 I had to do a double-take--they had me fooled for a real Spiderman and cheetah. That face painter is very talented.
 The kids loved dancing together to Daddy's music.
 Some of our friends came from small group to watch, but we never rounded up the troops for a photo. We did get a family one, though, which is a rare enough occurrence (as I'm always behind the camera).
The band made Mark get a portable keyboard to rock it out. He loves it. They had a major groupie--in diapers. So stinkin' cute. This little tot can dance.
 I think they're playing Lady Gaga Pokerface here. The kids missed this song, Lorelei's favorite! But I'm so glad we got to finally see them doing their thing. K.C. All Stars rock!

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