Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Daddy Says He''ll Get Me Bunk Beds"

Golly, do I LOVE Lorelei's room! Everytime I step inside, I feel like I'm tiptoeing through a flowerbed and being bathed in sprinkles of spring rain. Do I ever LOVE this room!
 Lorelei, however, does not love her room. She thinks it's pretty enough, but she always wants to sleep in Gryffy's pirate bed. She doesn't like her bed. It's too ordinary. Gryffin's, you see, is a pull-out trundle, which is super fun for jumping on (which isn't strictly allowed) and for slumber parties. Lorelei wanted a special bed too, and confessed this to me yesterday while we were in the car:
"Mommy, I want a bunk bed. Daddy said he'd get me one, but if you ask him me might lie that he didn't say that."
Oh, really, thought I. So cunning you are, Lorelei.
But then I asked Mark, and apparently he had told her something of the sort, a very long time ago. He'd just thought she'd forgotten about it. Apparently, she'd thought he'd forgotten about the bunk bed conversation, too.
Now we're not at all about letting our kids have everything their little hearts desire, and in fact, we rarely buy them stuff. Most of what they have, clothes and toys, comes from grandparents. However, I've secretly been wanting a bit more space to be cleared in L's room, which a bunk bed would allow for beautifully, and Mark's been wanting Lorelei to start sleeping in her own bed. A promise is a promise--he did tell her she could one day have bunk beds, and the idea's actually growing on me...
Which leads me to the sad reality that this lovely room will soon be pushing up daisies... new bed, new walls to go with (more on that below), complete extreme room makeover.
Goodnight, Room.
 We're selling the bed, and sending a photograph of the prototype bunk we'd like Santa's Elves to reproduce with a letter to the North Pole. It should arrive predictably on Christmas. Meanwhile, Lorelei and Mommy will be completely redoing the beautiful walls (insert weeping) with the Claire Keane-inspired artistry from the interior of Rapunzel's tower in Tangled. LORELEI HERSELF WILL BE PAINTING many of the animals, plants, objects and floating lanterns on HER WALLS, with just a bit of help from Mommy. I know this is SO GREAT for her to be able to EXPRESS HER OWN ARTISTIC TALENTS in her room, which was something my parents let me do and something I've always wanted to allow my children the pleasure of as well, and so I just have to do it... I have to LET GO of the old to make room for the new room makeover.
But before we spend the next several months painting murals together on Lorelei's walls in preparation for Santa's delivery (assuming the elves find Lorelei's behavior satisfactory over the next several months--oh, how I love those little helpers' magical spying eyes), I have to give one last blog tribute to the room I love so passionately, and the poem I wrote for my girl that inspired it:

 Goodnight, Room.  Anyone need some barely used Pottery Barn bedding, a full mattress, or a white convertible crib/bed?

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