Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Back-To-School Article in KC Parent

 It's officially August, which means Gryffy starts preschool, and Lorelei starts kindergarten. This back-to-school season is a big deal for these big kids, and a HUGE deal for these big kids' Mommy. Mostly, I feel excited for them, but I've been a bit panicked over the whole thing. I mean, the stakes are high. This is kindergarten we're talking about, as in we've got to turn up on time (no more tardies!), she's got to do homework (though she'll probably love this), and Gryffy's got to detach his grip from my leg no less than three days per week!

When my editor, Margaret, suggested an article to tie in our family's pencil jars with setting up systems for a smooth transition back to school, it gave me the head start I needed to think through how I want to organize all the papers coming in, where I expect Lorelei to work on homework, and how best to schedule after school time to make sure we take care of first things first. After writing the article, I took my own advice to create a massive magnetic board for storing the influx of papers, artwork, and REAL report cards. Like I've said before, I've been nesting before back-to-school. And it feels fantastic (I might even be on top of this thing, forget that I tried to schedule a "Smart Cookie" party for Lorelei's half-day class at the exact same time as the school's ice cream social--might be that Gryffy's the only one getting a "Smart Cookie" party with his friends this year). That aside, if you want some tips to streamline back-to-school, check out the article on HERE.

I have so much fun writing for this incredible magazine!
(And did you notice that article about Trader Joe's??? Seriously, you're going to want to pick up your FREE copy... Where else can you find a better deal than TJ's Two-Buck Chuck?)

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