Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tying Up Loose Ends (Before Kindergarten)

 This morning I'd called the kids down for breakfast before church, when Gryffy came straight away, but Lorelei seemed to be lingering for quite a long time in her room. It was at least five minutes before she came downstairs with a huge, massive grin on her face in her twinkle-toes shoes, and announced:
"Mommy, I tied my own shoe!"
This is something we've been working on ever since we got these lace up shoes from Grammy last week, using the bunny ear method (really, what did you expect?), but I had no idea she would pick up on it so fast. Lorelei, those shoe laces might not slip through your fingers anymore, but you sure are slipping through mine! I'm so happy for you, Prissy! Love, Mommy.

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