Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Nights

 The weather's been unbearable lately, and the kids all up the street who are normally out riding bikes and playing games have all but disappeared, until finally tonight, a summer breeze tempted all outside. Just as soon as the kids had pulled up from the pool, they saw their favorite neighbors, the Olm-Shipman family, outside, and booted up the street. Charlie, Lorelei, Gryffin (above).
I love the angle on the picture below (and my new camera--what a difference already, and I barely know how to use it). It looks like Jack's pushing his little sis Emily up a steep incline, and Bobby's holding on to his girl's trike before it rolls down a mountain.
 I can't tell you how many times this past week the kids have asked about "Jack and Charlie" (and for as much as they love Jack and Charlie (and Emily), I have a hunch Jack and Charlie kinda like them, too--Jack personally asked Lorelei three times over several days this spring to attend his school performance (we did), and it's not uncommon to get a doorbell ring in the evenings asking if Lorelei and Gryffy can ride bikes--so, so cute!).
Lorelei also loves basketball. And she seems to love THE basketball, judging by this picture. I think she's giving it a little pep talk. So something her Mommy would do--we are so much alike!
I love the underhanded throw, and just look at that pose. The kid's serious about the game.
While Lorelei's making a hoopla with the basketballs...
 ...Gryffy spent the whole time playing Superhero with his dolls. Grammy just got him a Flynn Rider toy at Toys 'R Us today, and Lorelei got an Ariel (which Gryffy thinks is his toy also).

I was so excited for Lorelei. The girl made four baskets tonight! FOUR! It's gotta be those long legs.
 Daddy made a few assists.

 Now bouncing from basketball to books, the kids turned in their summer reading program charts at the library today in exchange for two free books and their certificates. They X'ed off every book on the chart when I asked them to set a goal, and guess what? Now every X has a twinkly star sticker--they met their goal and exceeded it. And we're not talking about a bunch of sissy board books, either. Some of our favorite summer reads this year...
George's Marvelous Medicine
Charlotte's Web
The Wind in the Willows (Mommy's favorite to read with them)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The 7 Habits of Happy Kids
The Old Testament (in the Jesus Storybook Bible)

I love these little bookworms!

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