Saturday, August 27, 2011

Smurfettes Soccer

Today was Lorelei's first soccer game. Her Heartland Elementary team is officially the Jaguars, but we affectionately call them the "Smurfettes," for rather obvious reasons. I want to make them all little white smurf hats and sing "La-la-lala-la-la, sing the happy song" for our theme, but alas, I'll restrain myself...
 Smurfette #10, with a flair for feathers.
 The Smurfettes showed up early to practice on-field before the other team got there. I like to teach my kids how much practice pays off.  Sadly, today did nothing to prove this point.
 We're officially not supposed to keep score (thank heaven) but unofficially, Daddy did.  It was 18-0.  Those little green monsters walloped our poor little Smurfettes.

 We had to keep things peppy from the sidelines. Here's Stacey, desperately trying to preserve good spirits with her little mascot in hand.
Thank goodness for water breaks! Lorelei's rubbing water on Gryffy to cool him off, too.
It worked out well that L had little concept of how the game is played as yet, because she was just out there to have fun.
 And I think she did.
 She even took home the game ball! (Okay, so we own the game ball.)
 This huge ball fountain provided long stretches of entertainment after the game and snacks.

 You'll smurf 'em next time, girls! Go team!

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