Friday, August 24, 2012

Friends, Games & Bubbles

Our dear friends, the Anderson family, came to town on their way through Kansas City.  The kids had fun getting caught up at Deanna Rose. Lorelei and Hannah, the oldest of the crew, first met here at Deanna Rose when Lulu was only four months old, and Hannah was a few weeks old.  The beginnings of Totley Crew.

While Lorelei's been in full day school (which so far is going great), Mommy and Gryffindor have been spending oodles of time together in the last days of his summer vacation... more Deanna Rose, park visits, mile long walks hand in hand, Chick-Fil-A lunches, My Gym open gym, multi-generational lunch with Grammy Great and Grammy... it's been fun times.  We ran into G's classmate and soccer mate (and neighbor), Dylan, on one of our morning walks, and he invited us to a park/Funky Mama concert.

 We found a circle of logs, told scary stories and roasted pretend marshmallows.  G's blowing out the fire on his!  We were having so much fun that a bunch of other kids joined our little campfire gathering and roasted s'mores with us.  I love time with my boy... the second one rarely gets this much attention, so it's been great for us!  One of our favorite activities each day is Book Worm time... we get out our library books, munch on a gummy worm, and read together.  We do it again when Lulu gets home from school, for her reading time.
 But our favorite time is when everyone's home.  Tonight was Friday night game night with our new favorite, Yahtzee Jr. Disney Edition.  And the couch is all set up for our weekend (Fri. & Sat.) slumber parties in the living room and a movie (Smurfs).
Yahtzee's a great game because Lorelei practices adding up multiple numbers to total all our scores, and Gryffy is learning graphing and matching skills.
 The kids get serious about shaking dice.
 And with birthday parties coming up, we've been making our favorite gift in bulk: giant (HUMONGOUS!) homemade bubble mix and bubble wands.
We think our friends will love them.  And I'm glad we don't have to scramble around wondering what to buy, because what could be more fun than gigantic bubbles?  

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