Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Queen Bees and Wannabes

The first week and a half of school has been pretty smooth... except for recess.
Every single day, Lorelei came home upset that girls were leaving her out and telling her that she couldn't play with them.  And though I knew better than to interfere, it broke my heart for her.
I realized how much this upset me last night, Parent Night at Gryffy's preschool.  When one of Lorelei's wonderful past teachers asked how she was doing, I began to mention what was going on... 
and then I teared up.  
I started thinking about the things we learned this year in Princess Power Training.
How to deal with bullying (from Miss Teen Kansas, who was mercilessly bullied herself).
That beauty is really spelled be-YOU-ty, and how it radiates from the inside when we are filled with love and kindness.

How we have a safe, welcoming place at Heartland Church and within our home, our sanctuaries...
 ... where we can be goofy and gorgeous all at the same time.
That we are there for each other, mothers and daughters looking out for each other...
 ... because we're all daughters of the King.  And our job is to remember Whose we are...
... letting our lights shine to remind others Whose they are, too.
I'm so grateful for this amazing experience with Lorelei and so many wonderful friends in the spring, and it made me want to gear up and do it all over again (and we will, next spring).  I want to make it as relevant as possible to what these girls, sadly, have to deal with.  
Yes, even in first grade.
Today at the library, I picked up this book.  I'm hoping to learn more about the culture of cliques so that I can equip my daughter with what to do when queen bees sting:
And finally today, a good report. Lorelei came home from school and wanted to draw a picture of recess. It was all smiles. She found two nice girls to play with, along with our neighbors, Jack and Charlie. Here's Lorelei (middle) with her friends, Isa and Lauryn.
I love this.  It makes me want to emphasize to Lorelei how important it is to reach out to others, to stick up for that kid everyone else picks on because she knows how it feels to be left out, too.  How no one can make her feel inferior without her consent (to steal a line from Lady Eleanor herself).
Lulu Belle, I'd like to wish all your problems away, but I know you'd never grow so strong and compassionate without adversity.  Keep shining your sweet light into the darkness.  I'm so proud of you.  

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