Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gryffy's Activities

For so long, it seemed like Gryffy had been following Lorelei around from one activity to another.
But now that Gryffy's older, it's his turn to sign up.
And so he began his first lessons: Fencing.
The boy is a natural, and I knew fencing was right up his alley.
After all, he is a pirate.
 And a jedi.
The class was six weeks long. Gryffy got tired a few times and laid down (on the days he naps, it's during this time). But he told me that he likes fencing.  "Mommy, those are good to do sword fighting."
 I wonder if being left-handed gives him an advantage.
Catches the opponent off guard when he's en garde.

 Love the heel toe motion here. It's how they're supposed to engage forward.
 Feet perpendicular.  Looking good, Gryff!

 His last lesson was this week, but he still practices with his light sabers on a daily basis.
I have a feeling this won't be our last round of sword fighting.
The boy's going to be a stunt devil when he grows up--he loves to fall and somersault all over every yard when we go on walks and will find just about anything to use as a sword for battle.  No fear in this little guy, unless there's a monster in his room, of course. (He sleeps in Lorelei's top bunk every night.)
 Now that fencing's over, Gryffy's gearing up for soccer.
That boy's been begging to play.  It was all his idea.
Notice that little net there?  After Mark and I spent a good long hour trying to fold that bugger back up with all its twisty turns and tucks, we took it back to the store.  We looked like such idiots trying to watch the guy on YouTube fold it about a hundred times with effortless ease.  
 We asked Lulu if she wanted to play soccer again.
That girl has zero interest.
I'm honestly glad, because I don't like the idea of running from game to game on Saturdays.
 I love watching Mark teach Gryffy how the game is played. Poor kid's about to do the splits.
 After about five minutes of playing, the kids were ready for the park.
We're going to have to work on that whole endurance thing.
On our family hike this week, we noticed Lorelei had a lot more endurance than the rest of us, which is not usually the case. And then it hit me--she's been riding her bike everyday after school around and around the cul de sac.
Our first soccer game is this weekend, and Gryffy's friend, Dylan, is on the team.
Give it all you've got, Gryff!

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