Sunday, December 30, 2012

10th Wedding Anniversary

Mark made this special video for our tenth anniversary.  It's our journey and highlights all that God, in his divine plan, did to bring our lives together.  It begins 4 years and 4,423 miles apart, with Mark's birth in St. John's, Newfoundland and my birth in Los Angeles, California.  It continues to the SS Norway, where we met on deck in the middle of the Caribbean Sea on Mark's 18th birthday, and became pen-pals.  Then Florida, where Mark spent a year of college as an "exchange student" from Canada while I lived in Orlando (we dated at EPCOT each weekend, seeing the world together), and finally Kansas, where I finished out high school and Mark got in to graduate school at KU (after first being told he hadn't gotten in--nail-biter, that one).
We spent the eve of our tenth anniversary in Lawrence, Kansas, attending Mass at Corpus Christi Church, where we were married on December 30, 2002.  And we stayed at the same hotel where we spent our wedding night.
I am blessed beyond measure to be Mark's wife.  There has always been great peace in our home--we rarely ever fight and don't exchange harsh words, and we've never once gone to bed angry.  He has such a humble and generous, serving spirit.  And while I'm more of the dreamer, he complements me: he keeps me grounded; I help him fly.  We give each other freedom and time to pursue our individual interests and dreams, but put our family and God first.  Life together is filled with purpose, joy and love.
And I'm so grateful for him.

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