Monday, December 31, 2012


New Year's Eve blew in with a flurry in our front yard. We are blessed by the seasons here in the Midwest, and this was a day of cotton-ball snow.
 I loved watching all the kids work together to build snowmen.  This was their idea.  I just supplied the carrot we forgot to leave for Rudolph.
 My little snow angel.
 I made some hot mac 'n cheese soup for lunch.  It's one of the kids' favorite meals (they eat the veggies first!) and it's so easy to make.
 We also were blessed with a reunion of old friends from Totley Crew.  These kids were babies together.  Swati and Rushil flew out to visit from California, Brenda and her three kids drove up from Wichita, and the rest of us met at Carrie's beautiful new home.  What a great bunch!
 There's something so tranquil about a snowfall, like blessings sifting gently down from heaven.
 A perfect way to spend New Year's Eve, all huddled at home.

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