Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elves on the Shelves

Our elves come in a pair every year and wreak a bit of havoc as they spy on the kids.  I think there's some inverse relationship between the children's behavior and the elves... the nicer the kids, the naughtier the elves.

 The elves brought Christmas pj's at the beginning of December.

 They didn't move around too much.  Lazy elves.  But the kids indulged their laziness with a day at the spa.  Here are the elves, soaking in the hot tub.
Maybe they'll get their act together and do some zip lines and such next year.
A couple of random photos unrelated to elves:
1) Gryffin has been doing a lot more art lately.  This is Frodo, clinging to a cliff.  I think his art is darling, and up until fairly recently, Gryffy was so intimidated by projects and drawing that he flat refused to do it.  I'm so glad he's been gaining more confidence and creating little treasures out of his imagination.
 2) I just captured this sweet moment of the kids waking up to Mr. Tubbins' snuggles on the couch.  During non-school nights (all of Winter Break), they always have slumber parties on the couch downstairs near the Christmas tree.  Precious moments.

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