Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day, 2009!

What's a new year to bring? I'm always thrilled at the prospects; new years offer so much promise for renewal, for refocusing our energies, for reorganizing our priorities. I am resolved as never before this new year to accomplish something BIG... a project that's yearning for completion, something that has been stirring my spirit for many years, and has finally begun to materialize as I have shown myself willing and committed to bring it forth. I've already had a decent go at it over the past several months, and have been so swept away by the momentum and the sheer joy of it that I cannot stop. It occupies my thoughts... it even seeps into my dreams... it is, in a sense, like falling in love all over again. And I'm very blessed that Mark, and my mom, have been offering and continue to offer the help and support that will allow me to bring this work to fruition.
May you find your own passion in this new year of hopes and promises.
In the year 2009, let this be our goal: To focus on the doughnut, instead of on the hole.

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