Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow much fun!

Two days ago, when the temperature outside was dipping below zero, we had our chimney converted to wood-burning. Mark was so eager to try it out that he couldn't wait for me, and attempted our first fire as I rocked Gryffy to sleep. It was the smoke alarm that rent the night several minutes later, forcing us to open the doors and tempt in the frosty air on the COLDEST night of the year. Smoke billowed through the house, creeping along the ceiling, hovering in a foggy haze (the logs needed to be pushed backward, beneath the flue). Fortunately, we quickly diagnosed the problem, and were able to enjoy a snuggle with Lorelei beside the merry flames.

Yesterday, we took advantage of the newly fallen snow, and the kids made their first snowmen (well, Gryffy sort of watched as Lorelei and Mommy worked). We had to make due with what we had--no coals, nor corn-cobbed pipe, not even a carrot. They're not the prettiest of snowmen, to be sure, but I wouldn't doubt they share a touch of Frosty's proverbial magic; afterall, they were made with Love.

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