Saturday, January 3, 2009

Party Animals

It's been a busy weekend. Lorelei's social calendar has been chock-full: birthday parties both Friday (Adam's) and Saturday (Rushil's). Friday's was at a place called Monkey Bizness, full of inflatable bouncers that terrify her. We were told she spent the entire time rolling on the floor. Fortunately, several of her friends took pity on her, and joined in the fire drills.

Saturday morning, Mark and the kids met Mommy at Scooters for a cuppa and a chocolate muffin after Mommy finished writing. That afternoon, the weather was so nice that the kids traded in their usual naps for a family bike ride--not a brilliant idea, that one, we'd come to find out on a wailing car trip home from our second birthday, this one at Paradise Park (it took a trip out of town to get to said Paradise). The party was a blast though, and Gryffy got to even hang out with a couple of his buds, Will and Luke.
Some milestones to report as well: Today Gryffy signed "more" while he was eating (before burping up all his food--perhaps he'd meant to sign "no more"). Gryffy also signed "all done" (imitating Mommy) and has mastered the quintessential, maneuver-each-button-so-the-characters-pop-up toy. Meanwhile, Lorelei is suffering from terrible growing pains in her feet, though she seems to be better after a hot bath and a dose of Tylenol. And now they're both in bed, and Mommy and Daddy are going to snuggle up for a movie, Eagle Eye (Mark's pick).

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  1. Yay Wendy!! Welcome to the world of blogging? It's addicting I tell ya, but I'm so glad that we get to keep in touch with everyone so near & dear, yet so far away! Happy New Year to you & your family!