Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

The whole of the Midwest has been cooped up indoors today. The state of Mark after shoveling the driveway might explain why:
 The kids made dinner early: German Potato Cabbage Soup in the crock pot. They kept snatching the ingredients as they poured them in... leeks, carrots, and for some reason, both kids love raw onions.
 Mmm... onions!
 The kids spent lots of time learning. We did phonics and Tag Readers...
 Talked about colors with fruits...
 Yellow banana.
 Then the kids got to eat the rainbow. They love raw broccoli.
 While the kids played "Armaggedon" with Daddy (a game they made up that consists of multi-headed dragons, fire and brimstone--don't ask) I got a start on Lorelei's Wonderland Birthday and painted a rabbit hole.
Our white rabbit, Mr. Tubbins, joined in the fun.
 The dining room table's gotten a makeover for Valentine's Day... even the roses have been painted red.
 (Has someone lost their head?)
 Daddy attached wrought iron to a chair for Lorelei's throne--we still need to decorate it, but her birthday's not until March...
 Playing cards.
 And before dinner, the kids made a fort. The entire house is a disaster.
 Perhaps the weather alert should change from "winter storm" to "tornado." Just saying...
Tomorrow's forecast?  More snow. But at least we're all together for Snowmaggedon. I love family time! 
And a few days later, Lorelei and Gryffy's friends, Hannah and sister Abby, came over for a special playdate while their little brother had a check up. The girls forced a tea party upon Gryffin.
 When the snow began to compact, outdoors we went!
 Building another family of snowmen. 
 We used celery for noses since Mr. Tubbins ate all our carrots, and had to raid the dress up clothes for a few items. Then it was inside to warm up with chili and buffalo chicken nachos, play indoor football and watch the Super Bowl.

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