Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lorelei's Violin Recital

Lorelei has been practicing so hard on her Taka-Taka-Twinkle medley. She is Ms. Ruth's youngest student and was the first to play on recital day. She went straight to the stage, waving and smiling. It was precious, and my mama's heart just swelled with pride!
 The program and Lorelei's 1/10 violin.
 Here's Ms. Ruth tuning Lorelei's violin. We love Ms. Ruth. She's very patient yet also strict and expects the very best--we don't move on until the little things are mastered (finger, hand and arm positions, stance, et cetera). This is her 33rd year of teaching violin, and Lorelei got her last spot--her schedule is full!
 Here's Lorelei playing. I love that she's smiling here!
 The night before her recital, I got Lorelei a special present for all her hard work and practice--these glittery Hello Kitty shoes. She's been wearing them everywhere, even with her pajamas. She also got to wear my pearls for the occasion (which were a gift from Lorelei's Grandpa John to my mom, Lorelei's Grammy). So beautiful!
 Four generations proud of this girl!
 Grammy, Great Grammy and Aunt Tenley (and BPop and Meaghan too) were all there to cheer Lorelei on. They gave Lorelei beautiful roses for her performance, and Lorelei gave a bouquet to Ms. Ruth. She loved them.
Gryffy was very well-behaved during the concert. After the recital, we all celebrated with an early dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
 I love it when my kids see first hand how much practice and perseverance pays off. You may have been the youngest there by years, Lorelei Belle, but we think you stole the show! We're proud of you, Prissy!


  1. Awww! Way to go, Lorelei! :D -Brenda Blake

  2. What a proud moment for all of you. Lorelei was awesome!! Staci P.