Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uncle Mike's Visit

We got a surprise phone call from Uncle Mike on Friday... "What are you doing this weekend?"  He had decided to fly out from Minneapolis.  I kept it a surprise from Mark.  We had a ballroom dance class at church that night and left early.  I told Mark to get on the Interstate and drive.  He was so surprised when we got to the airport to pick up his brother!
 Mike was a good sport and tagged along with us for two birthday parties on Saturday and a violin dress rehearsal. He and Gryffy are hanging with my wild family at Dave and Busters. It was a blast. I'm honestly shocked they didn't kick us out--my mom and her sisters were getting loud (but fun)!
 Big winners on Wheel of Fortune. Of course!
 After church on Sunday, we went to the gym. Here's Uncle Mike giving Lorelei a pep talk on the balance beam.
 Gaining confidence...
 I did it!
 Gryffy got lost in the foam pit.
 The boys.
 And we topped it off with Orange Leaf before Uncle Mike left for the airport--Blizzard 2011 on the way...
Thanks, Uncle Mike, for coming to visit! It was a treat!

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