Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Desperate Housewives Anymore! (Freezer Meal Swap)

I want to be on top of things as a mom, especially dinner, but there are many times I'm overwhelmed, missing an ingredient, or otherwise occupied, and I drop the ball... pizza, anyone?
 I've heard of freezer food parties, where friends bring ingredients for a meal and assemble them together, but I just didn't have the counter space. So I had another idea--a Desperate Housewives pre-frozen meal exchange. Look at all that food!
 Every guest could make up to nine meals maximum (there were ten of us attending), but could make as few as three, so the amount of commitment was up to us. I wrote everyone's names on heart doilies and set them out in the kitchen (for friends to pile their own homecooked meals) and also in the dining room (for friends to pile the meals they were going home with). The number of meals each person brought= the number of meals they brought home.
 The exchange went really well, once we sorted out how a couple of people got duplicates of one or two recipes. And everyone brought their recipes so that we could make them at home--Chicken Tetrazzini, Spaghetti Pie, Baked Penne with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Ham & Potato Soup, King Ranch Chicken, and Sonia's famous Pinto Bean Soup were among the recipes (I can't remember them all off hand)! 
I love these ladies! They're all great moms who deserve to kick up their feet and have meals waiting on them so they can have fun with their families... and now they will! (And can you tell we had a wee bit of fun too?) 

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  1. WENDY! It was so great catching up on your fabulous blog!! I'm so glad you finally got to do this with your friends (I remember you trying with a couple of us in NC and it didn't quite pan out)- looks like you had fun!