Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Festivities

Gryffy awoke first on Valentine's morning. "Ooh, presents!" He was so excited I couldn't make him wait for Big Sister. He tore into his presents from Mommy & Daddy and Grammy/Bpop.
 Lorelei, who generally sleeps in later, wasn't far behind.
 Gryffy's eating his chocolate covered fortune cookie from Mommy & Daddy and saying "Cheese." Guess he's used to Mommy taking lots of pictures--how could I resist the adorable faces of my Funny Valentines? 
 Lorelei's opening her jewelry from Grammy. She loves jewels!
At the kids' Valentine's table with our Pencil in Priorities Jars--we don't have too many family photos, so I had to include it.
From 2.13.11
The season of love is upon us, though Lorelei insists that this is the season of L-U-V, as this is phonetically correct. Either way, love's got me under its spell. My Valentine, however... he may be falling out of love with me come tomorrow morning, Valentine's Day, when he sees that Cupid attacked his recently washed car...
 Mark and I enjoyed the Valentine's formal and ballroom dance lessons at church, though this could not stop us from squashing each other's toes.
The ladies.
  My friend, Brenda, inspired me with this edible art idea.
 The kids loved building their snowmallows, and ate them as quickly as they were made. Now I know how Gingy must have felt on Shrek: "Not the gumdrops... ANYTHING but the gumdrops!"
 Mommy's (left) and Gryffy's (right--impressive, I thought)
 Lorelei's (love the feet)
 I helped coordinate Lorelei's Valentine's Party at preschool, but my friends did so much to pitch in that I barely did a thing. I only brought in Cupid wings and wore them for a game of "Cupid Says" (which Carrie wrote the directives for--thanks, Carrie) and read the storybooks Amy brought in (thanks, Amy).
 Julie made beautiful Valentines and cut them into matching pieces... Lorelei found her match! Janet put together a cute little bear and heart foam craft.
 Gryffin loved Katie's cookie craft and hanging out with the big kids. He was acting so silly making the older kids laugh.
Back to my Valentine's car attack. Every Father's Day, Mark knows the car paints come out. In anticipation, he drives to an unknown location in the hopes that I won't find it, leaves his car overnight, and jogs home. However, it appears he's been blindsided by Cupid's strike!
 My poor hubby. He'll be mortified on his drive to work!
 I think he deserves the attention, personally!
(He is rather wonderful.)
 Happy Valentine's Day!

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