Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Blogged by Daddy:
After weeks of anticipation, Lorelei was glowing as she prepared to grace the dance floor as the Belle of the Daddy-Daughter Ball at Lifetime Fitness.
 Lorelei would have much preferred a fairy godmother to magically transform her into a fairytale princess...mommy doesn't quite have the same gentle touch.
Lorelei's "Home Alone" impression.... 
 Voila - behold the beautiful princess complete with angel wings.  Daddy sure is a lucky man.
 Lorelei loved her corsage...unfortunately we didn't get an extended warranty, as it broke after about 5 minutes of use.
 Lorelei's true calling - hand model extraordinaire.
 Moments earlier there was a frog in Daddy's place...
  As soon as Lorelei entered the room (with everyone gasping in awe of her beauty and grace), she immediately ran to the crafts table to design her custom tiara.  Daddy was more interested in the food.
 The Ball had an Arabian theme - but Lorelei converted this to "I-ran," as she was terrified of the dancers and stilt-walkers so took off into a neighboring gymnasium.
 She eventually overcame her fears and joined in on the fun, invited to dance by Zybeababwa and his gang of scantily clad thugs.
 Daddy watched his princess from afar, in a safe congo-free zone.  
 As midnight struck, the pumpkin coach returned to its native form (a Mazda5), but Daddy's little princess will always be a princess no matter what time it is.

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