Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lorelei's Room

Before I post about Christmas, I thought L's new room deserved a whole new post of its own.  It all began when L told Mommy that Daddy said she could have bunk beds.
Now let me tell you, I loved her old room. It didn't need an update. But seeing as how Daddy apparently had told her that she could have bunks someday, she was looking forward to it (and I'll admit it: I did want to free up some space in her room--you know how I feel about clean, simple spaces).
Lorelei loves Tangled, and earlier this year had purchased a life-sized Rapunzel with money she had earned (her first big purchase). So we went with a quasi-Rapunzel theme, which is not immediately apparent unless you look at details... a towering bed, vines on one wall (like the ones Flynn Rider parted to discover the hidden valley of Rapunzel's tower), and lots of birds and sky.
We fell in love with the bedding.
Here it is up close.
Let's zoom in a bit more! LOVE.
And you know how artistic Rapunzel is, just like our Lorelei. So here's an art desk (we painted the stools blue), a piece of art that she made, and owls she painted on the wall of her tower.
 Here's a close up. Aren't they precious?
 Lorelei and Mommy made this together. This quote is beautiful.
The valance is a table runner I found at World Market last week, velcroed onto the wall. We already had the white board, but Daddy got some trim from Home Depot to make it look lovely. Honey-do list item #72. Lorelei made the magnets on it with mod podge and the scrapbook paper from her masterpiece quote canvas. And may I also point out the little fairy door L painted on the wall beside her bed? She keeps looking inside in hopes of catching a fairy. No luck yet. And the room color--Lorelei chose it herself!
 Here she goes exploring her new room! I think all that last minute painting of trim (I changed my mind and wanted cream instead of white over the old wood) and leaf stencils last night was worth it!
 With her new "American Girl" Target brand doll, which I think she likes about as much as the room itself.
Okay, so she likes the doll more.
 But she looks pretty stinkin' on top of the world up there too, don'tcha think?

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  1. So CUTE Wendy! You are amazing. Katherine got an American Girl-esque doll as well so they should have a playdate with the dolls!