Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mr. Gobbles

Every Thanksgiving, we take a photo of the kids with Mr. Gobbles.  And every year, the kids grow bigger, and Mr. Gobbles, smaller:

My heart skips a beat, as if to seize the time I find slipping away before me.  Days that once seemed long blurs of sleepless nights and hectic activity have trickled into years that escape me but for moments--precious, present moments.  I'm so glad I chose to spend them with these little ones, the keepers of joy, the lovers of life.  To be present in their days, the presence in their days, has been a gift that nothing--not the whole world wrapped in a big red bow--could ever match.  Ever. 
Because the truth is that life is long, but time with kids, it's very short. 
And as the wisdom of this is won, the heart of gratitude for these beautiful children, for the God-given delight that is motherhood, grows with them.

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