Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toy Nativity

Gryffy's acting out the nativity... a little early this year.  But doesn't he make a cute Joseph? 
I've been wanting to get the kids a fun nativity set to play with all December, and I found this gorgeous one at Costco.  We use it each Sunday for our Advent devotions at dinnertime along with our ring of Advent candles.  We brought out Mary and the Angel Gabriel for the Candle of Waiting last week, and just tonight, with Uncle Mike here to celebrate with us, lit the Candle of Joy and added Joseph, the animals and baby Jesus.  Our nativity book--which I bought for under a dollar once at Goodwill and can't find anywhere else, a real treasure I'd love to give as a gift--says that in Europe, legend holds that on Christmas Eve, all the barn animals turn to face Bethlehem and sing carols in human voices.  The kids had fun pondering this as they added the animals to the scene.
 They play with these things constantly.  And everyday, Gryffy brings me the baby Jesus to love and kiss, just like he brings me the baby from Toy Story.  It's very cute, like he remembers how much a baby needs his mother's love and care.  That boy has such a tender heart sometimes.  Lorelei loves arranging and rearranging the creche--such an eye for beauty.
Now if we can only keep all these figures in the region of our family room that is "Bethlehem."  Where are some extra shepherds when you need them?

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