Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

 It was Christmas morning. The presents had arrived safely under the tree, and Baby Jesus had come to fill an empty manger. The kids had been eagerly awaiting his arrival, sitting on the stairs and dutifully singing carols in their angelic morning voices to signal Mom and Dad they were ready for the birthday celebrations to begin!
 The first gifts of Christmas were the ones they'd bought each other. They were both delighted with their gifts, and were even more joyous at watching one another receive presents they'd purchased themselves.
 Gryffy got Lorelei a cheetah, because she loves cheetahs.
 Lorelei got Gryffin a Santa Claus, because it was red, his favorite color.
 Gryffy got the Jack Sparrow barbie he'd been pining after.
Can you tell how thrilled he is?
 And Lorelei couldn't believe that Santa remembered the Barbie she'd spotted in the store months ago.
 But her American Girl knock-off really had her tickled pink.
 Light sabers... more about these later.
 Spiderman, our boy's favorite superhero.
 And we didn't forget our Mr. Tubbins.
The Smurfs Dance Party and a Wii.  That was fun!  The kids got a good laugh at Daddy's fly dance moves. 
 The kids show off their favorite gifts.
 And unstuff stockings.
 Thank you, KC Parent, for all the stocking stuffers! The kids loved them.
 Just don't ask me to write any child safety articles this year. Epic fail.
 Gryffy loved his new cars app from Grandma and Grandpa Connelly for Daddy's Ipad. The car drives along the screen!
 Someone asked me which ornaments are my favorites. We decorate our tree with lots of kids' crafts, but I have to say the kids' baby feet are tops on my list. 
Gryffin, 2008.
 Lorelei, 2006.
Speaking of homemade things, Mark and I agreed not to get each other anything besides stocking stuffers, and to have the kids help us make something for one another.  We wanted to keep Christmas as simple as possible.  Here's what Mark and the kids came up with.
 L and G have been talking non-stop about this feathery Christmas tree they made me, and couldn't wait for me to finally see it!  I told them it was a priceless treasure that I would display every year--I love it!
 The kids and I made Mark some game pieces out of small pictures of us, mod podge, and flat vase glass gems, since we're always losing game pieces to Sorry and Candy Land.  I thought I did pretty good, and was honoring my end of the agreement not to buy presents this year.
Apparently, however, there was a hidden clause that we could buy big for our anniversary, just five days away. I planned a fun date night, and was feeling pretty good about a simple, fun time together. But Mark, he had to tempt me with an early anniversary present--literally placed it directly in front of me.  You know I hate surprises, so I had to look.
 I was feeling kind of pathetic about those little glass game pieces we made him (but through the roof about my new MacBook Air)!  It's even pink!  Thank you, Hubsley :o)
 A light saber battle ensued in the basement, and ended abruptly with an eye poke.  Yep, that safety thing again...
 On Christmas night, we took a walk through the dark neighborhood trail with our light sabers to guide us through to Christmas Place, two cul-de-sacs in our subdivision with more lights than the starry host.
 We might have to make this a tradition.

 And to top off our Christmas, the manger scene managed to stay put--we didn't lose our ass this year (we haven't got our bills yet, though)!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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