Monday, December 19, 2011

The Polar Express--To the North Pole!

The kids are crazy about the Polar Express movie, so we wanted to create a magical surprise for them on our annual trip to the North Pole (Luminary Walk), and we went all out!  Mark even shaved down to a moustache a la Tom Hanks :o)
 We invited our small group to ride the train with us.
 First we had spaghetti dinner--Aleya, Katherine, Brooke and Lorelei are in their best pajamas.
 Gryffy, Jack and Ella got to sit with the elves and train conductors.
 Each of the kids got a candy cane and hot chocolate for the ride (let me just say the Kanary family has an impressive collection of thermoses!).  Then they each got a sleigh bell from Santa, except the funny thing was, the grown-ups couldn't hear them ringing!  They were all broken!  But the kids insisted they worked... perhaps we didn't believe enough.  I made golden tickets for everyone, and the train conductors (dads) punched them into cool designs as they called, "All Aboard!" and the kids mounted the caravan of train cars.
 Excuse the blurry picture, but these kids were too excited to stand still!
We finally made it to the North Pole to see Santa, sing carols around a great bonfire, and follow the path of 10,000 candles to celebrate the coming Light of Christmas.

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