Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mistle Toad

I thought I'd share a little poem I wrote last year. Since I've made Lorelei a picture book already (scroll down in THIS post), I might turn this into a photo book for Gryffy.  Enjoy!


(c) 2010 Wendy Connelly

Our holiday party was all out of sorts
When Mistle, the Toad, hopped out from my shorts
He puckered his lips and giving a croak
Leapt onto Aunt Algae, who started to choke
He swatted her cheek with a slimy wet kiss
Then bounced off her wig toward my scared little sis
Whose shriek sent him soaring instead for my dad
Dad’s nostrils were flared (I knew this was bad)
Mistle clung to his nose and gave Dad a slog
Then took a great plunge—he dived into the nog
Cousin Lil tried to catch him, but to no avail
Mistle kissed her instead; Lil started to wail
Next, Uncle Moss, in his holiday booties
Tried to squash Mistle for spreading the cooties
But that sly horny toad, risking his neck
Sprang onto my granny and gave her a peck
Gramps would not have it, Mom suffered from stress
Down came the tree, it was all a great mess
“Mistle!” I hissed, “Mistle, you’d better stop it!”
And with a tight squeeze stuck him back in my pocket
For kissing a toad’s not the safest of sports
Now our whole Kiss-mas party is covered in warts!

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