Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easter Eggs

Today we made Easter Eggs. I picked up five dozen eggs from Costco, stocked up on dyes, and the kids went wild. Last year I think maybe Gryffy dyed half a dozen, tops. This year they were WAY more interested, and even sent neighbors away who wanted to play because they were busy dyeing eggs! (Now that's some serious commitment.)

Lorelei especially liked this little whiz-bang whirly contraption:

Gryffin's signature green.
He insisted on going shirtless. 

I think this year's five dozen eggs turned out extra sassy. Love the emojis & the "Don't Eat Me!" egg!

Today Gryffin asked, "What's the point of eating eggs for Easter when bunnies don't even lay them?" Great question, Gryff.

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