Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cap'n Gryffin John Turns 4!

See that cutie-pirate there?  He's four.  
I know.  I don't know how this is possible.  Our baby boy, a four-year-old!
 Anyone who knows Gryffin John knows he's a pirate.  He carries Cap'n Jack and Davy Jones and Philip, his favorite pirates, everywhere.  Everywhere.  And so it was only fitting that we had yet ANOTHER pirate birthday theme this year (after a back-and-forth between pirates and Scooby-Doo, he landed on pirates last week).
I thought it would be fun to go all out and do a "Pirate Training" course, so we turned our front yard into a treasure map/pirate adventure, complete with:
(our party favor alternative--each kid took home pirate figures, beads and slimy skeletons from a sandbox)
(a water balloon cannon fight between Queen Anne's Revenge and the Black Pearl)
(Pirate hats, tattoos, moustaches and eye patches)
(a challenge to walk forward, sideways, etc. at knifepoint without falling into Davy Jones' Locker)
 ... and TUG OF WAR
(over a bubble wrap swamp of slithering snakes in shaving cream)

 Choosing a moustache:

 Gryffy wanted all the boys in his class... and Georgia.  He talks about this girl all the time.  I think our little buccaneer has an itty bitty crush, and can you blame him?  So darling.
 Dylan's showing off his parrot tattoo and muscles at once.
 Jenny was a huge help while I clicked away on my camera during tug of war.

 Lorelei crossing the plank.
Gryffy insisted on commandeering the Black Pearl.  And the battle begins...

It was a hit!
Yeah, they're diggin' it.

They had endless fun on this plank.  I know what we'll be doing all summer in our yard.
Gryffy picked out this cake.
Aaaargh!  Pirate scowls.

We're so blessed to be this boy's mommy and daddy.  So blessed!  Pure joy.
 Making his wish and blowing out the candle.
 The boy wouldn't stop to eat cake--he plundered and pillaged the loot (presents).  Yeah, it was sort of rude.  But heck, he's a pirate.

 Cousin Kai.
 Rohan (foreground).
 Ah, he couldn't resist chocolate that long.

The mutineers spent the rest of the party on the plank, and finally landed on the fort in the backyard.  They could not have had more fun!  Seriously, I think we'll just re-use this theme every year.

We love you so much, Bubba!
Some things about Gryffy:
Favorite color: Red
Favorite books: "How I Became a Pirate", "Frog and Toad", "The Spooky Old Tree-Berenstain Bears"
Favorite TV show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter
Favorite Song: David Garrett's "He's a Pirate" on violin; "Hoist the Colours"
Favorite Prayer: to the tune of "Frere Jacques"--
Thank you God (x2) for our food (x2) thank you for our good friends (x2) Amen (x2)
Favorite toy: Legos (especially pirate ones)
Favorite restaurants: Chick Fil A, Red Robin, The Egg & I
Loves to: sing out loud, take baths with toys, rent movies from the library, go on hikes
Favorite game: "You can't kiss me"--I kiss him, he wipes it off, then I chase him to kiss him again over and over

Gryffy, when I think of you now I think of your joy.  Your face is radiant, your squishy smile so cheerful.  I love the way you talk and try so hard to pronounce your words, and all the ways your lips move to accommodate this.  You play constantly with Lorelei and are never ever bored.  You have quiet time each day in your room with your pirate ship, and often I find you asleep on the floor, body flung sideways over a pillow (the white one, because you only sleep on white pillows).  I hear the pitter patter of little footsteps in the middle of the night and know it's you--you always sneak in on my side of the bed, because you know I love to snuggle with you (and Daddy tries to put you back in your own bed).  You hold my hand all the time, especially crossing the street.  And you pucker up to kiss me, then wipe it and run and taunt me to "come and get me" with that giddy look I love so much.  I adore you, my sweet boy.  I know you will be a great man one day, and I tell you this every night before bed when we pray together.
You are my Gryffin John, boy after my own heart.
Happy Birthday, my little Gryffindor!

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