Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recitals & Graduation

Last week, Gryffy graduated 3 year old preschool. Here he's getting his certificate from Mrs. Bergdall, who also taught Lorelei.  We just love her.  Mrs. McNally is his other teacher, and she too is a gem.  We've been so blessed at Christ Lutheran.
 I snuck into the school to watch Gryffy practice for the recital, and he had his game on.  Good thing I had, because come recital night, he wanted nothing to do with it!
 G gets this serious look when he knows he's the center of attention.  He just stood up on stage and stared out into space for the first song.
 Fortunately, he liked the second song, and fully participated with all the motions.  To his right are his buddies Carter, Elijah, Nolan and Dylan.  Jack, his best friend, isn't in the picture but is also in G's class.  For a room full of boys, they're all super good kids who get along.  A rare combination, but somehow they all just click.
 We're already arranging summer play dates, like this one:

 And this one (after the recital, all the families gathered at Orange Leaf):
Lorelei wanted to do dance again this year.  It's her third time with Miss Marilyn as a teacher, but Lorelei wasn't too inspired this time around.  Still, I'm proud of her for sticking it through anyway.
 Three of L's classmates were in her dance class: Lauryn, Emma and Isa.

 Look how dazzling our little ballerina is.
 I'm not used to seeing this girl in makeup, but she loved getting dolled up!
 Despite her lack of interest (a time or two she downright refused to participate in class), Lorelei pulled it together and did a fantastic job at her recital.
So did her daddy.  He's such a good sport.  It took three rehearsals to perform this number.  Best in show, he was.
 That's hot.
 I'm that annoying woman wielding the camera from the side of the stage, but I HAD to capture this.  Lorelei and the other girls whose dads did the dance got to come out and watch.  It was a small number given how many girls were in the recital, so this was super special for Lorelei.  And look at her beaming at her daddy.  Precious.
 This girl's got her daddy wrapped around her little fingers.

 Grammy, Bpop and Meaghan gave Lulu flowers, then we went to eat lunch to celebrate her recital and Gryffy's birthday.  Great job, Lulu, Gryffy and Daddy!

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