Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

Life doesn't get any better than being a mom, and I feel so blessed to get to soak in all those moments with my Gryffin and Lorelei on a daily basis. Nothing in life has brought me more challenge or joy than raising my kids. I love these two little people so much that my heart can't contain it.  And they love me that much right back, and tell me all the time in their cheeky grins, the squint of their twinkling eyes, their angelic voices and giggles.  Love, love, love.  All love.
We spent Mother's Day weekend in Wichita visiting my cousin Shelby's family on a whim since Mark had a gig at their country club.  We don't see each other often, so it was nice to have time together, especially for our kids.
 We took a little stroll through their neighborhood as I practiced wielding a camera (thank heavens Mark got me a photography class for Mother's Day--I desperately need to learn a few tricks).
 Sam, Shelby, Chris and Maura.
 The kids had fun at their park.  HELLOOOOO...

 We drove back early Sunday morning for church, then Mark mowed the lawn and played with the kids while I spent some time reading/doing my Beth Moore study/watching TLC (I hardly ever watch TV, so I felt spoiled).  The kids also made me lovely art projects--a toilet paper vase of tissue flowers from Gryffy and a giant floral still life painting from Lorelei (they were both SO excited to give them to me; they made me open their backpacks the moment I saw them after school).  Then Mark and the kids swept me off to the Plaza for dinner at Fuego de Chao, where they cut the meat right onto your plate... sirloin, pork, sausage, lamb, rabbit (Shh... don't tell Mr. Tubbins!).

Then we sat a spell at the J C Nichols Fountain and waited for...

 ... a one hour limo ride through KC.

 The kids thought that mirrored ceiling was "sweet".  I'm digging how Mark looks like Donald Duck.
 I can't remember if Gryffy or Lulu took this shot :o)
 A little overexposed, this photo.  But those kids could not sit still, and it didn't help that the driver never brought the sparkling cider or champagne we were promised. We made it up to the kids with Orange Leaf later.
 To top off the night, we watched a hot air balloon land across from our neighborhood.  Stunning.
I thank God everyday, all day long, for my family.  Motherhood is a great privilege, and I find such joy in it.  Not all the time, mind you--it's one tough job--but there are moments when I just step out of the whirlwind and look into the deep of their eyes, and I'm just overcome. These children are God-sent, and He's entrusted them to our care. What an honor bestowed to us. 
 Happy Mothers Day.

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  1. Just wondering if your limo was from "A Girl's Night Out". If so, that's my cousin's business :)