Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Princess Power Training

Princess Power Training's over! Those six weeks flew by so quickly, but in that time I've noticed confidence blossom in Lorelei and fellowship deepen between the girls and moms.  And I'm just amazed by the hearts of these women as they pour life and truth into the next generation, knowing full well what they're up against.
 Here's Kat and her daughter as she teaches on Courage Night about the Armor of God.  I saw this over and over, girls captivated by their mothers--eyes to see and ears to hear.  I love to see a mom with a platform and a willing audience.
 The girls are holding their "Shields of Faith".
Mikaela, Miss Teen Kansas 2012, asked to join us (again!) and taught these girls about bullying.  She shared with them that even she (yes, she!) was bullied growing up.
 She has been a fantastic role model for these girls, and has their rapt attention every time.

 ... Except perhaps Lorelei's rapt attention at this moment here... she's playing with a little trinket she found on the floor.  Lulu's obsessed with trinkets.
Aren't they all beauty queens?
Donning her "Helmet of Salvation"...
 And her crown of confidence on our last meeting, Radiance Night.  When I drop her off at school now, she always adjusts her invisible crown--a reminder that she's a King's daughter.

Rebecca did some fantastic science demonstrations to show us how, like a mirror or the moon, we reflect the light of God.  Those girls huddled around to ooh and ahh at their radiance in the mirror.
Here's the sun and moon.  It's so sweet when the leaders' daughters came on stage to help them teach.  Powerful.
 We made frosted lanterns to remind us to let our lights shine.  They turned out adorable.
I made the girls goodie bags with glow sticks, bubbles and candy.  Clustered together, they formed a bonfire for us to camp out around as we came to a close.  We sang "This Little Light of Mine" and passed a tiara as we shared what we learned this year in Princess Power Training.

 The birthday princess (with tiara) always had a lot of adorable things to share :o)
I'm so grateful for all the women who poured their time and talents into Princess Power Training.  It was such a testimony to me of how God moves through the hearts of others, using each of their unique gifts to create something beyond themselves. Pure and holy synergy of the Spirit.
Thank you, warrior moms, for being light to these daughters and showing them the way of truth. And thank you, God, for reminding us again and again just how faithful you are when we step out in faith.  What a joy it is to serve You.

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