Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ordinary Weekend

Ever since this boy met Cap'n Jack Sparrow in Vegas, he's been wearing his pirate hat everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Church.  Birthday parties.  He sleeps in this thing.
I've never seen a cuter pirate in my life.
Here he is on an ordinary Saturday morning, still in his Scooby-Doo pj's.
 I was cooking breakfast downstairs.  A good pirate pancake, burnt to a crisp.
We had bacon and eggs too--cooked, of course. (Perhaps I should have been flipping the pancakes instead of taking pictures?)
Gryffy and Daddy had lots of fun with Mommy's cooking...

 We put the kids' art projects up on the wall over our bed.  Gryffy's hands:
Our new bedspread from Overstock.com.  I enjoy a good bargain.
The rest of Saturday was spent at the park and playing tennis (chasing stray balls), then after the kids were in bed Mark had a gig for a six-figure wedding near the Plaza while I spent the evening with my nose tucked into several books.
On Sunday, we began our Square Foot Garden, which meant Mommy ran all around town in her Sunday best hauling bags of vermiculite and peat moss and compost/manure in her black-bowed heels.  I got a few strange looks, to be sure, but all the more help out to the car.  Mel's Mix is supposed to be the perfect soil, never in need of fertilizer or replacement year to year.  It requires five different types of compost, and after visiting five different nurseries, four varieties was the best I could do.  Heck, I did my best.
 I loaded up my cart at Suburban Lawn & Garden with some favorites, and went a bit overboard with the okra.  I'll forever think of Grandma Helen's perfectly fried garden okra, my favorite vegetable.  My dad (and his parents, and probably their parents before) had as green a thumb as a farmer.  Our entire back yard in Colorado was taken over by a humongous garden of corn and melons and onions and all variety of vegetables.  Some of my fondest memories were pulling onions from the garden with Dad.  I hope I can teach my kids to love their garden.
 They helped me plant the strawberries.
Onto Monday, where the kids celebrated their last night of Awana's Club.
 Here's Gryffy, singing his song (Jesus Loves Me) and awaiting his awards.
 Love his action for "strong." I mean good grief, what a little hunk of cuteness.
 I think he'll take after his mama and take up a spot in Glee Club.
 Jazz hands.  Seriously, he owns that song.
 I love how he's "reading" about his award.  He has grown so much this year, and went from not wanting to participate too much (especially with verses) to quickly mastering them.  I delighted in watching him come out of his shell and enjoy his Cubbies.
 And look out, it's Lorelei!  That girl plowed through her Awanas book, then her extra credit HangGlider book (a review of the first book and extra verses).  She was the first of the kindergarten Sparks to finish, and we had to pace her at the end.  Then she had to ask to recite verses she'd already done because she still wanted candy and Awanas bucks like everyone else.  So, so excited for her!  (I think she's a bit excited too, don't you?)
 Let's just look at her face here:
 And here:

 And check out the look of the boy next to her.  Cracks me up.  Those kids are so cute.  Lorelei's standing next to Tyler (also in the red vest) from her class.  She's loved having three of her school classmates in Awanas this year, and her friend Katherine from church.
 I'm as thrilled as she is here, because she has worked her little tail off!
 Just so you can look back and see what you've accomplished with all your hard work, Lorelei, here's what you've memorized (and retained!) this year in kindergarten Sparks.  All I have to do is say any of these references, and you dive right into your verses:
1 John 4:14
John 3:16
Psalm 147:5
I Corinthians 15:3-4
James 2:10
Acts 16:31
John 20:31
Psalm 118:1
1 John 4:19
Genesis 1:1
John 17:17
1 Peter 1:25
John 14:6
The New Testament Books
Joshua 1:9
Joshua 24:24
Genesis 1:31
Romans 3:23
Colossians 1:3
John 3:14-16
Ephesians 6:1 (My personal favorite ;o)
Plus many, MANY more from the HangGlider book that I don't have beside me.  Wow, Lorelei!
 Two super smart kids and long time friends here, Sammy and Lorelei.
I got to volunteer at Awanas and loved watching those kids take pride in all their hard work.  I'm so glad Lorelei and Gryffy love Awanas Club as much as I did when I was a kid.  I'm so proud of both of them!

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