Friday, May 25, 2012

Passport Problems

This is where Mark was supposed to be this weekend...
Sadly, he took his expired Canadian passport to the airport. The kids and I rushed his American passport to the airport at 6am, and got there ten minutes before the flight took off, but they had already canceled his ticket.
That's what he gets for trying to go to Whistler without me.
Fortunately for us, we got Mark to ourselves all of Memorial Weekend. And so he got a master closet honey-do list.

 I've been begging my sweet hubsley to build something for my shoes. I gave him the specifications and the vision, and put the man to work. He put on his work boots and delivered:
 Can you hear the choirs of angels singing?  Ahhh...
 Thanks, Hubsley. We're so glad to have you home!

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