Saturday, May 5, 2012

A typical week

I thought that, one day, my kids might want to know what a typical week looks like for us.  Since I just finished this week's white board (oh, how I love this thing--I actually keep up with it because I know how flustered I would be without it), I thought I'd let it speak for our average week: 
It's full of mostly fun things we enjoy, but not so overwhelming that it stresses us out (many of the markings are reminders for me, not actual obligations).  Today, we went on a Saturday hike (as we do at least every other Saturday) on a trail near our house that overlooked the baseball and sports fields.  We could hear the crowds roaring in the distance while we spotted our favorite characters, Frog and Toad, lurking near a creek; went swinging Tarzan-like across water on wood vines; lost flip-flops to the muddy stream; had squirt gun battles; linked hands to cross a massive tree-trunk bridge (and did our "1-2-3 Connelly" cheer of victory), and made a clubhouse of a gigantic tree.  And I felt grateful that summer's near, our activities (Awanas, speech, school, preschool, dance, PPT) are winding down, and we didn't sign up for sports.  Life can get so busy, and right now, I want to savor the Sabbath of summertime.

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